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Remote Video Solutions (RVS) - Smart Security

Our Remote Video Solutions (RVS) keep you one step ahead as we protect your assets, people and property. Remote Video Solutions (RVS) combine cutting-edge video cameras, monitoring and alarm-response activities in one complete service.

How it works: deter, detect, delay, respond

  • High Definition (HD) security cameras provide coverage of critical areas.
  • The network of cameras and other sensors is connected to the SOC.
  • Potential threats are identified by cameras and analysed based on predefined criteria.
  • When necessary, an operator within the SOC is alerted and takes action to manage the threat.

Live audio announcements deter offenders
In the case of an alarm, live images are generated at the Securitas monitoring centre allowing for a quick assessment of the situation. Via an audio connection, the offender(s) will be addressed live, and further intervention measures will be initiated. Incidents, interruptions of the daily work and false alarms are thus reduced to a minimum.

Your advantage
The RVS concept offers you an efficient and alternative way to prevent offenses – such as theft, vandalism, sabotage or property damage.

RVS are standardised, cost-effective, remote video surveillance services which include:

Managed by Securitas

  • Say hello to an RVS solution fully managed by Securitas. We take full responsibility for on-site installations, to maintenance, operations and remote services as well as technology investments.
  • Say goodbye to dealing with several suppliers and a confusing mix of service level agreements and key performance indicators.

Integration with other security services

  • RVS is just one element of Securitas’ broader spectrum of protective services combining on-site, mobile and remote guarding with electronic security solutions, fire and safety, and corporate risk management.