Secure what matters with Remote Guarding

Securitas Remote Guarding spans 40 countries, connecting to over 200,000 cameras using next-gen smart technology. When our smart cameras sense danger they alert highly trained Remote Guarding Officers to investigate and de-escalate incidents in real-time.

Responses include the ability to intercept threats verbally using loudspeakers. When a threat is detected, you are immediately informed and updated through notifications on your device. Protect your facility and secure your peace of mind, powered by artificial intelligence. 

We see more, you worry less

Our wire-free smart cameras are an affordable, effective and quickly deployed security solution with low impact installation.

Remote Services Key Features

Key Features

What makes Securitas Guarding so revolutionary and advantageous for small and medium-sized enterprises?

  • State of the art cameras

    1-4 HD smart cameras with advanced video analytics

  • Connected to us

    4G/5G connectivity to A1 graded Securitas Operation Center

  • Audio Capability

    Audio intervention from our Remote Guarding Officers to quickly de-escalate the situation

  • Easy Installation

    Modular, rapidly deployable solution with low impact installation

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