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Remote Video Patrols

Remote Video Patrols via strategically placed cameras keeps an eye on your weak spots more consistently and cost-effectively than mobile security officers alone. Remote Video Patrol Services give you a pro-active security presence that’s ready to deter trouble 24/7.

Virtual Patrols

Our team perform hundreds of remote security patrols each year keeping our clients sites secure. See how our Remote Video Patrols can be a cost effective alternative for your business.

Our Security Solutions

The solution is simple

With Securitas as your security partner, you receive a complete, trouble-free solution that allows you to focus all your energy on your core operations. You also avoid expensive investment costs by leasing the technology from us. Securitas security solutions include everything you need to protect your business. We provide you with a complete security solution, one personal contact, one contract and one fixed price. Full security, trouble-free.