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Healthcare and Hospitals

Securitas has expertise in providing security services to hospitals and healthcare institutes. Whether your site is a single private medical office, a large hospital system looking to standardise operations we have a right solution for you.

Hospitals, by their nature, have to be open and accessible to the public. Due to this environment it is exposed to many risks and incidents like assault on the job; medical equipment, supplies or controlled substances may be targets of theft; and also hospital patients, visitors, and staff can become victims in many ways.

Our security officers are trained to meet the needs of our healthcare industry clients in hospitals, medical facilities and offices.

We will conduct a comprehensive threat assessment and an evaluation of the security protocols, policies, and procedures. We help you address concerns through service initiatives like:

  • Security consulting
  • Risk assessment
  • Development of site security plans
  • Trained security guards with a focus on customer service
  • 24/7 operation centres providing support to our staff and clients
  • Additional security resources on-demand
  • Emergency management
  • Business continuiety support.

Findings are analyzed and evaluated for providing specific, realistic recommendations to improve over-all security to achieve a total security solution.


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