Remote Escorts

Whether you’re at the office late to meet deadlines or an early bird, a remote escort gives you secure coverage when you are entering or exiting your property. That can be a comfort when you must cross a deserted parking lot or garage.

Standardized solution

  • Our corporate, standardised solution for video surveillance (CCTV) is based on future-proof IP video technology.
  • A standard interface in all our integrated security solutions, CCTV helps us make the best use of our operators, so they can help prevent incidents, and is cost-effective and fully compliant with cyber security and data privacy legislation.
  • All of this to keep you, your business and your people safe.

Managed by Securitas

  • Say hello to an RVS solution fully managed by Securitas. We take full responsibility for on-site installations, to maintenance, operations and remote services as well as technology investments.
  • Say goodbye to dealing with several suppliers and a confusing mix of service level agreements and key performance indicators.

Integration with other security services

  • RVS is just one element of Securitas’ broader spectrum of protective services combining on-site, mobile and remote guarding with electronic security solutions, fire and safety, and corporate risk management.
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